Aurora solutions


Aurora Specialty Textiles has invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that allows for a wide range of finishing capabilities. Our in-house formulating capabilities enable us to develop specialty coatings and finishes that impart the special properties our customers need.



Aurora Specialty Textiles' coating technologies allow us to manufacture products ranging from Print Media to specialty applications, in widths up to 130". The two coating methods employed are knife over air and reverse roll coating, allowing for a wide range of coating weights.

With extensive in-house formulating capabilities, we have developed specialized coatings that impart specialized final properties.


These properties are achieved through the use of a full range of
water-based textile coating compounds with a wide range of viscosities:


Textile coating services that are unique to Aurora Specialty Textiles include:


Aurora Specialty Textiles has the capability to apply water-based specialty finishes to textiles that range from wovens to nonwovens, consisting of cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon, or blends. These finishes give fabrics the necessary performance attributes for their end use and meet the unique needs of new applications.
These finishes are applied through a dip and squeeze process. The versatility of Aurora's equipment allows increasing the saturation of certain finishes or the application of multiple finishes without the need for multiple manufacturing passes or steps.
Additional Finishing Capabilities:
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